what we do


Women Help Women links activists, organizations and researchers around the world. We work to increase the availability of reproductive health choices needed to control our reproductive lives. Our work is non-profit.

Our programs:

We work to both increase access to abortion through direct action and change social norms.

Our programs advance online and community access to self-managed abortion and work to create cultural change through this practice.

  • We support local feminist activist groups, train them in self-managed abortion, and connect groups to others in the global movement
  • We design and support innovative interventions using technology, such as online services, hotlines to expand access to abortion
  • We set up projects focused on particular regions such as SASS: Self-Managed Abortion – Safe and Supported in the USA, and co-convene regional networks, including: Mobilizing Activist for Medical Abortion Network (MAMA) in Africa
  • We work on holistic security trainings to empower activism
  • We collaborate on research projects in the domains of public health and social science, needed for evidence-based advocacy (See our publications)
  • We work to disrupt the traditional narratives and change discourse and norms around abortion (See our resources)

Our organizational culture is collaborative, horizontal, open-source and feminist.